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Alum Creek Dog Park
3993 Hollenback Rd
Lewis Center, OH 43035

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Welcome to the AlumCreekDogPark

This great dog park was built through a partnership with the AlumCreekState Park and a volunteer group, Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park.

The project began in 2004 as the idea of Denis Buehler, an AlumCreekState Park employee. He reached out to the community for help in making this idea become reality. In Oct 2004 the volunteer Friends Group formed and immediately began designing the dog park & fundraising.

Volunteers began building the dog park in Sept 2005 & worked for 12 Saturdays, thru Nov 2005. Work resumed in the spring of 2006.

Thanks to countless volunteer hours, the dog park opened on June 3, 2006. It has grown in popularity and in 2008 approximately 300,000 people visited. (we know because of a traffic counter)

As a user of this dog park, we invite you to join the volunteer Friends Group and help us with ongoing maintenance work, monthly cleanups, improvement projects, special events and fundraising.

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Friends of AlumCreekDogPark is a 501c3 not for profit volunteer group, so your donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be mailed to:

Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park
PO Box 412, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

Alum Creek State Park Dog Park Rules

All dogs must get along well with humans and dogs of all sizes.

Users of the DogPark do so at their own risk. Dog owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dog (ORC 1533.18 and ORC 1533.181).

Dogs must be current with vaccinations. Each dog must display current license and rabies tags (ORC 955.10 and ORC 955.39). No puppies under 4 months old allowed because they will not have had all of their vaccinations.

Dogs in heat are not allowed (ORC 955.22B).

All Alum Creek State Park Rules apply and must be observed.

Parents/legal guardians assume all risk for their children. It is recommended that children under 12 stay outside of the fenced areas for their own protection. Children are not allowed to play within the fenced area of the DogPark. No running, screaming, jumping, or chasing the dogs. All children must be closely supervised.

Dogs must be closely supervised and within sight and voice control of their handler at all times. Dogs may not be left unattended (any unattended dogs will be removed by the Dog Warden). All dog handlers must be at least 18 years old, or supervised by an adult. No more than 2 dogs per handler.

Any dog displaying signs of aggression must be removed from the DogPark immediately. To discourage aggressive behavior we recommend that dog owners only bring animals that have been spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering your pets is the best way to control pet overpopulation and is healthier for your pets.

Dog waste must be picked up immediately by the handler and placed in the trashcans. This is very important to the success of the DogPark!

All dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the DogPark. Unleash dogs in the double-gated area. Handlers must carry a leash at all times while in the DogPark.

Keep all gates closed except when entering or leaving the DogPark.

Digging is not permitted. Handlers are required to fill any holes created by their dogs.

For safety reasons, the following are NOT ALLOWED within the fenced areas:

1. Animals other than dogs.

2. Food of any kind, including dog treats - food and treats can trigger fights between dogs.

3. Retractable leashes - these can get wrapped around dogs or people & cause serious injury

4. Smoking

5. Glass Containers

6. Bicycles, strollers, or children's toys - a friendly dog may knock a child down to get at a toy

7. Prong, pinch, spiked or choke collars -Other dogs can get their teeth caught in a choke collar when playing and cause injury to themselves and the dog wearing the collar. A prong or pinch collar may get caught up on a fence and will be painful if pushed into the dog's neck during play.

8. Fishing in the dog swimming area

9. Humans swimming in the dog swimming area

Please comply with all the guidelines. The privilege of keeping the DogPark open depends on responsible behavior by all users.

How to give back to the dog park that gives you and your dog so much!

Email us at with any questions or to receive more information on activities and opportunities.

AlumCreekDogPark is a wonderful place for you and your dog(s), but it takes a lot of volunteer hours to keep it beautiful and clean. All it takes to maintain this great facility is for everyone who uses the park to spend just a little time helping to maintain it. Here's how you can help:

Anytime Opportunities

  • Pick up stray poops as you watch your dog(s) have fun and play
  • Bring plastic grocery bags to fill the containers placed around the park
  • During the late summer/fall - pick up apples that have fallen to the ground and toss them into the woods (the deer will eat them, the dogs do not need them!)
  • Pick up broken toys and throw them out so dogs do not get hurt
  • Pick up stray trash both inside and outside of the fenced play areas and at the dog beach

Regular Activities

Want to meet a really nice group of people who have similar interests (we all LOVE our dogs!)? Come to the monthly clean up held the last Saturday of every month. We meet between 9am until around noon (come when you can, stay only as long as you can) and work on improvement projects around the park. Everyone is welcome (including your dog!).

Things that always need doing monthly include:

  • Washing and disinfecting the water bowls
  • Pulling weeds in the entrance garden and along the fence line
  • Spreading mulch
  • Trimming the apple trees back
  • Talking with new families about the park

Seasonal activities include:

  • Laying grass seed
  • Mowing the newly growing grass
  • Building a new entrance to the Big Dog park (the "back" entrance)
  • Planning the annual Pupapalooza fundraiser

Email us at with any questions or to receive more information on activities and opportunities.

Become a volunteer today for the Friends of the Alum Creek Dog Park.

Your dog can't volunteer but you can!

The Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park is a

501c3 not for profit all volunteer group.

Donations can be mailed to

PO Box 412, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035

Emergency Contact Information

Call 911 - If life threatening critical emergency

Call (740) 272-1459 (AlumCreekState Park Police)

If non life threatening emergency or

if significant Dog Park Rules are being broken (i.e. dangerous or aggressive dogs inside the dog park)

Call (614) 846-5800 or (800) 891-9010

To contact MedVet - closest emergency vet service

300 E Wilson Bridge Rd, WorthingtonOH43085

To report non emergency problems at the dog park, please call the Alum Creek State Park Regional Office at 740-548-4631.

Alum Creek Dog Park
3993 Hollenback Rd
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Click on the map below for a larger view.